I am Kerri. I am a freelance photographer based in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in portraiture to complement a person or organisation’s photographic visual story. My energies are focussed on people in their daily life environment which incorporates work, business and life. My experience rests with Not-for-Profit Organisations in Australia and overseas, small business, independent contractors and local community members.

This covers the spectrum of:

  • professional profile photos for use in social media,
  • image libraries for use as visual content,
  • pre-benchmark events (like before a high school formal),
  • travel and street imagery highlighting cross-cultural experiences.

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I believe photography is a powerful tool to create awareness of many situations around the world to allow people to broaden their horizons of life beyond their borders. This sense of advocacy-though-the-lens drives my passion and desire to contribute to levelling the playing field of life through awareness. I am drawn to telling these local and/or global visual stories and it is my intention to capture these shots with an attitude of dignity and respect towards the subject.

Having a sense of adventure goes hand-in-hand with a willingness to travel.

I believe the best outcomes arise from an authentic connection and relationship with those I embark on ventures with.

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